Geert Swaans


I love craftsmanship. I see craftsmanship die a little every day with houses being part built in factories and shipped to site, or when poor quality material is being used and the fitter thinks that that will do, or when cowboy traders ruin somebodies house and this persons' faith in traders.
Tradesmen used to be respected craftsmen. Stonemasons used to be able to carve stones to customers wishes. Carpenters used to make beautiful furniture in their workshops at home. All of this seems to be dying out and that saddens me.
I care about my work. I want to make things to the best I can. I like to learn new skills and new techniques. I'm passionate about what I do and I hope that this reflects in my work.

I serve the whole area from Aberdeen to Dundee, and furniture can be shipped throughout the UK and beyond. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions or projects.

Thank you


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